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You may be aware that Colchester Borough Council’s Planning Committee met on October 20th in the Council Chamber to debate the plans put forward by W & H Park/Mersea homes for twenty-two houses (including four affordable homes) on the site of the greenhouses, London Road, Great Horkesley. The meeting was chaired by Councillor Theresa Higgins. The plans were unanimously passed.

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The Stour Valley/Dedham Vale, is the landscape of John Constable and England's smallest Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Like all AONBs across the country, ours is under a wide variety of threats: pollution, new buildings, road traffic, flight paths, pylons and excessive signage. For further information see The Dedham Vale Society website.

The greenhouse site and the surrounding farm land straddles the AONB and needs special attention to ensure its continued protection and preservation for future generations.

The photograph on this page show views towards the Horkesley Park site from the village of Little Horkesley.

A decision about the Horkesley Park application (see History of SVAG for full details) was finally given by the Secretary of State in May 2014. Although it was rejected, the future of the site still remains uncertain. It is now our aim to gather information about any new proposals for this land, as and when they occur, scrutinise the details and inform our membership about them. In recognition of the site’s importance to the AONB and to the surrounding villages of the Horkesleys, Nayland and many others, SVAG will maintain an interest in the site’s future until that future is decided.




The views and opinions expressed on this website represent the genuine and reasonable views of the committee of SVAG and its membership. Visitors to this website are encouraged to consider for themselves all applications and to form their own views on the implications for our environment and community that would arise from any new development on the nurseries site at Great Horkesley.