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SVAG's History & Archives of the
ampaign to Stop Bunting and Sons'
Proposed Development at Horkesley Park

The Dedham Vale, the landscape of John Constable, is England's smallest Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The proposed development of a mammoth visitor attraction known as The Stour Valley Visitor Centre at Horkesley Park puts the Vale under threat.

The photographs on this page show views towards the Horkesley Park site from the village of Little Horkesley. If the development goes ahead on the crest of this hill, this untouched landscape will be changed for ever.

Peace and tranquillity will be lost here and in the adjacent villages of Horkesley and Nayland, and the blights of traffic and commercialisation will affect the entire Stour valley.

Help us to save this landscape.



The views and opinions expressed on this website represent the genuine and reasonable views of the committee of SVAG and its membership and are based on our interpretation of the planning application 120965 and supporting documents (" the Applications") submitted by Bunting and Sons in support of the development. Visitors to this website are encouraged to consider for themselves the Applications and to form their own views on the implications for our environment and community that would arise from the development proposed for Horkesley Park.