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Photo Gallery

The pictures on this page are available without charge solely for press coverage in connection with the SVAG campaign, upon notification to SVAG and with acknowledgement of SVAG as their source.

Other photographs from this website may be available on request.

Looking across the Horkesley valley, with the development site on the right. The Stour valley and the tower of Stoke by Nayland church can be seen in the distance.Click for pdf 178Kb
(Larger file scaleable pdf 178Kb)

Views towards the Horkesley Park site across the Horkesley valley: Click for 950x559pix jpg 720Kb
(Larger image 950 x 539 pixels jpg 720Kb)

Click for 1000x551pix jpg 990Kb
(Larger image 1000 x 551 pixels jpg 873Kb)

Click for 1440x629pix jpg957Kb
(Larger image 1440 x 629 pixels jpg 957Kb)

Click for 1500x579pix jpg 848Kb
(Larger image 1500 x 579 pixels jpg 848Kb)

Click for 2160x716pix jpg 984Kb
(Larger image 2160 x 716 pixels jpg 984Kb)

Click for 1011x362pix jpg 282Kb
(Larger image 1011 x 362 pixels jpg 282Kb)

View towards the site (on right horizon) from north side of the Stour Valley across the village of Nayland.Click for 2000x621pix 807Kb
(Larger image 2000 x 621 pixels jpg 807Kb)